This element lists organizations (professional, social, etc.) to which the subject of the CV or résumé belongs.


    <Association type="Professional">
        <Name>HR-XML Consortium</Name>
            <Name>Recruiting and Staffing Project Lead</Name>
            <Deliverable>Resume 2.0 Specification</Deliverable>

HR-XSL Output


Professional Associations

     * Recruiting and Staffing Project Lead, HR-XML Consortium, March
       2002 - July 2003


The list of associations is broken up into subcategories. Associations with identical type attributes are grouped together.

The built-in types (Professional, Social, Community, Non-Profit, Religious, and Political) are automatically localized. To specify a custom type, prefix the type attribute with x:.

Unlike the EmploymentHistory element, if no EndDate is given, the date is not assumed to be a time period ranging from StartDate to the present. Instead, no additional text is added. This allows the user to specify discontiguous dates for association membership, such as 1999, 2001, and 2002.

HR-XML allows multiple roles to be specified for each association. This is not supported in HR-XSL. If you want to list multiple roles, you will need to duplicate the association for each role. Also, the StartDate and EndDate of a Role are ignored.

The HR-XML website has more documentation.