The Qualifications element describes professional skills.


    <Competency name="Theory">
        <Competency name="Gastronomy"/>
        <Competency name="Culinary math"/>
        <Competency name="Meat identification"/>
    <Competency name="Culinary Skills">
        <Competency name="Braise"/>
        <Competency name="Sauté"/>
        <Competency name="Reductions"/>
        <Competency name="Sauces"/>
    <Competency name="Cuisines">
        <Competency name="American Regional"/>
        <Competency name="Pâtisserie"/>
        <Competency name="Modern French"/>

HR-XSL Output


     * Theory: Gastronomy, Culinary math, Meat identification
     * Culinary Skills: Braise, Sauté, Reductions, Sauces
     * Cuisines: American Regional, Pâtisserie, Modern French


The Qualifications element is simply a hierarchy of Competency elements. HR-XML allows an unbounded number of levels in the hierarchy, but HR-XSL supports only two levels, as shown in the example above.

The Competency element is complex and very detailed, as evidenced by the documentation, but HR-XSL ignores everything except for the name attribute. A name on the first level of competencies is assumed to be a skill category, and a name on the second level is assumed to be a skill in this category.

The HR-XML website has more documentation.