This element lists all types of published work.


        <Title>Designing Interfaces for Youth Services Information Management</Title>
        <Name role="author">
            <FormattedName>John A. Example</FormattedName>
            1996 Human-Computer Interaction Laboratory Video Reports
        <Title>XML in a Seashell</Title>
        <Name role="author">
            <FormattedName>John A. Example</FormattedName>
            A very readable introduction to XML.
            <CopyrightText>Copyright 2nd edition</CopyrightText>
        <Edition>2nd Edition</Edition>
        <PublisherName>O'Malley Associates</PublisherName>
        <PublisherLocation>Garden City, NY, US</PublisherLocation>
        <Title>Trends in Employee Benefit Offerings</Title>
        <Name role="author">
            <FormattedName>Debra J. Cohen</FormattedName>
        <EventName>SHRM 55th Annual Conference and Exposition</EventName>
        <ConferenceLocation>Orlando, FL</ConferenceLocation>
    <OtherPublication type="x:Software">
        <Title>UCLA Tree-Repeater-Interconnect-Optimization (TRIO) Package</Title>
        <Name role="x:developer">
            <FormattedName>John A. Example</FormattedName>
    <OtherPublication type="Thesis">
        <Title>Interconnect Synthesis and Planning for High-Performance IC Designs</Title>
        <Name role="author">
            <FormattedName>John A. Example</FormattedName>
        <Comments>Ph.D., University of California</Comments>
        <PublisherLocation>Los Angeles, CA, US</PublisherLocation>

HR-XSL Output



     * "Designing Interfaces for Youth Services Information Management".
       John A. Example. 1996 Human-Computer Interaction Laboratory Video
       Reports, June 1996, Volume 2, Issue 3, pg. 319-329.


     * XML in a Seashell. John A. Example. O'Malley Associates, Garden
       City, NY, US, February 2001.

Conference Papers

     * Trends in Employee Benefit Offerings. Debra J. Cohen. SHRM 55th
       Annual Conference and Exposition, Orlando, FL, June 10, 2003.

Other Publications

     * UCLA Tree-Repeater-Interconnect-Optimization (TRIO) Package . John
       A. Example. 2002.
     * Interconnect Synthesis and Planning for High-Performance IC
       Designs. John A. Example. 2000. Ph.D., University of California


To specify a publication that does not fit into the categories of Article, Book, or ConferencePublication, use the OtherPublication element and specify a type attribute prefixed with x:. Or, leave out the x: and use one of the built-in types: Thesis, Whitepaper, Report, TechnicalDocumentation, Study, Manual, or ResearchPaper.

For numbered elements, such as Volume, Issue, and PageNumber, do not add a label. HR-XSL will automatically add a localized label for you. For example, 12, not Issue 12.

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