Validating your CV or Résumé

One of the major benefits of using XML for your CV or résumé is validation. An XML validation tool can scan through the document and look for errors. If, for example, you enter a date in your CV as 2003-06-31, the tool will flag it as invalid.

The examples bundled with HR-XSL demonstrate one way of validating an HR-XML file. Simply switch to one of the example directories and type ant validate. If the command succeeds with no errors, the file is valid; otherwise, errors will be shown. (The command uses Ant's <schemavalidate> task to perform the validation. Refer to the util/hr-xsl.xml file to see how it is invoked.)

Another way to validate an HR-XML file is with a tool called xmllint. If you have this program installed, you can validate your CV or résumé by running the following command:

xmllint --schema Resume.xsd myresume.xml

Here, Resume.xsd refers to the XML Schema Definition file for HR-XML Resume, which is bundled with HR-XSL in the lib directory.