Appendix A. XML Resume to HR-XML Resume Conversion

The XML Resume project defines an XML format similar to HR-XML Resume. Originated by volunteers in 2001, the project has apparently been abandoned since mid-2004. As a result, the format appears to be somewhat unfinished. For example, it is missing elements to describe:

Still, the project remains somewhat popular, and a number of users have converted their unstructured résumés to the XML Resume specification. Some of these users may now wish to convert their CV or résumé content to the HR-XML standard. To support these users, the HR-XSL project maintains a set of stylesheets that can translate an XML Resume document directly to an HR-XML Resume document.

Note that the translation is imperfect; some elements of the XML Resume specification have no equivalent in HR-XML and must be translated by the end-user. In most cases, when the stylesheets encounter such unsupported elements, comments are inserted into the output. The user must then decide how best to translate the missing XML Resume data into HR-XML Resume format. Despite this issue, these stylesheets should be able to convert at least 90% of an XML Resume file to the HR-XML format.

The XML Resume stylesheets can be found in the xsl/xmlresume directory. More details about the unsupported elements can be found in the comments of the XSL files. For examples of how to use these stylesheets, refer to the examples in the examples/xmlresume directory.